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5 Activities to Keep Retirees Physically Fit

Staying active has so many benefits, especially for retirees. Leading a healthy and well balanced-life takes effort, but with a good plan in place it can be easy.

Here are some ideas for how retirees can stay fit.

  1. Go on walks several times a week. Walking is an excellent, low-impact exercise for people of all ages. A daily walk is an ideal way to get fresh air, clear your mind and strengthen your muscles. For the adventurous, go on a hike in nature, and take in the sounds and sights. Your well-being and cardiovascular health will thank you. Even opting for a brisk 15-minute walk will do wonders. But it’s ideal to go for about 60 minutes. And don’t forget to invite a friend to join you.
  2. Say “om!” That’s right, breath work and a good stretch can do the body and mind good. In Omaha, you can join a yoga studio and attend classes with fellow yogis. Check your retirement community’s fitness schedule and make a point to show up to the next yoga class. Or strike a pose at home by watching videos on your favorite streaming channel. Look into beginner courses and chair yoga if you’re new to the practice.
  3. Strength train three times a week. Strength training on a weekly basis keeps your muscles in top shape. You can get resistance training in several ways, including body weight exercises that don’t require equipment. Find a routine you love, like two or three sets of sit-ups, pushups, and lunges. You can do this in your home or at your gym at the retirement community. Bonus: lift weights for greater impact.
  4. Go to a professional for optimal results. For newbies or those starting their fitness journey after taking a long break, consider hiring a personal trainer to guide you on proper form and techniques. A personal trainer will also serve as an accountability buddy, motivating you to challenge yourself along the way.
  5. Rest and get plenty of sleep. A major part of staying fit is giving your body a rest. On days you are not working out, your body recovers and repairs itself. A good night’s sleep is crucial to sustaining a healthy weight and life. Plus, who wants to feel stressed from lack of sleep?

Retirement is a wonderful opportunity to focus on a fitness journey. Take brisk and leisurely walks. Soak in the sun and make new friends at fitness classes. Retirement communities like Ovation Heartwood Preserve offer residents extensive walking trails and fitness opportunities. Seize the day.

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