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Senior Independent Living in Omaha, Nebraska

Month-to-Month Rent & No Buy-In

Opening Summer 2024!


Omaha’s best in senior living is thrilled to introduce our NEW independent living community opening summer 2024! Enjoy resort-style living in a beautiful 500-acre community, complete with vibrant amenities for your active retirement.

  • 24/7 safety and security services
  • Concierge services
  • Multiple culinary venues
  • Wellness center and fitness classes
  • Golf and games in Route 6
  • 360 Rooftop Deck
  • Indoor pool and hot tub
  • Beauty and barber salon and spa
  • Lounge and billiards
  • Business center
  • Theater
  • Dog park
  • Exploration studio
  • Community spaces connecting indoors to outdoors
  • And so much more!
Ovation Sienna Hills Apartment Dining

Explore. Engage. Thrive.

Beautiful Modern Independent Living Apartments

We invite you to Ovation Heartwood Preserve, an upscale independent living community in Omaha that celebrates embracing life to the fullest in every phase. Our mission is to provide seniors with an exceptional living experience that’s rich in vibrancy, engagement, and peace of mind. With an extensive array of services and amenities, our dedication lies in creating an environment that fosters growth and the enjoyment of your senior years.

Experience unparalleled independent living in Omaha with our modern apartments. Not only do they offer beautiful views of Nebraska, but they are also fully equipped with stainless steel appliances, basic satellite, wireless internet, and more, catering to your every convenience.

Encompassing expansive outdoor courtyards, diverse communal areas, a variety of dining choices with extensive menus, and a dynamic life enrichment program, Ovation Heartwood Preserve is here to ensure your retirement years are as fulfilling as they should be. Come find your perfect haven within our independent living community nestled in the heart of Omaha, Nebraska. We look forward to meeting you.

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Independent Living Services & Amenities

Discover Your Active Omaha Retirement

Your new journey starts here. Ovation Heartwood Preserve invites you to experience an enriching active adult lifestyle that champions independence and well-being through our lavish apartments. Embracing an active lifestyle and fostering connections within the community and with loved ones can significantly enhance life satisfaction and joy.

This approach includes things such as physical vitality, mental engagement, emotional equilibrium, spiritual growth, interpersonal connections, professional pursuits, and the exhilarating exploration of the world around you.

Below are some of the top amenities at our independent living center:

  • First-class concierge services
  • Rooftop 360 Social Club
  • Movie theater
  • Goods and supplies convenience store
  • Fitness center featuring a warm water pool and fitness classes
  • Organized social activities
  • Maintenance and repairs for the residence
  • Transportation services
  • Common area access for socializing and recreational activities
  • Assistance with arranging healthcare services or appointments
  • And much more
OvationOvation Sienna Hills Plush Dining Room
Ovation Sienna Hills Food Executive Chef

High-End Dining Experience

Perfect for Foodies

Savor a culinary journey like no other at Ovation Heartwood Preserve. Indulge in heartwarming comfort dishes at Miller’s, savor cherished recipes at Lorraine’s Kitchen, or relish exquisite fine dining at 1861. The dining experience at Ovation Heartwood Preserve is one you won’t soon forget.

Immerse yourself in the experience by witnessing the preparation of your meal firsthand at both Miller’s and Lorraine’s Kitchen.

“We have a flavor for every palette. And we’re going to provide a great dining experience for you and your family.”

– Tyler Ratigan, Director of Culinary Operations

Experience the pleasure of savoring ingredients from local sources, relishing fresh produce, exploring menu selections tailored to vegetarian and diverse dietary preferences, and much more at all of our on-site dining establishments.

Ovation Sienna Hills Food Executive Chef

Why Move to Independent Living?

Adventure Awaits!

Discover the many reasons to move to independent living in Omaha at Ovation Heartwood Preserve:

Embrace Independence

Within our community, we deeply appreciate the significance of personal autonomy. Our apartments strike the perfect harmony between solitude and social interaction. Experience the freedom to live life on your own terms while cultivating new friendships along the way.

Engaging Services and Amenities

Our mission revolves around enriching your days with avenues for growth, social bonding, and pure enjoyment. From cutting-edge fitness facilities to invigorating exercise classes catering to diverse fitness levels, we offer multiple options to remain active and nurture your physical well-being. Engage in spirited social and cultural gatherings with your neighbors!

Carefree Living

Say goodbye to the hassles of household upkeep and domestic chores. Our dedicated team takes care of routine maintenance and house cleaning, enabling you to concentrate on pursuits that truly resonate with you. With our convenient transportation services, you can effortlessly reach shopping centers, medical appointments, and local attractions. Feel a sense of security with our 24-hour emergency response systems and on-site safety measures that prioritize your overall peace of mind.

Happy Smiling Seniors

A Home to Match Your Style

Aesthetically Pleasing and Functional

Infuse your unique flair into Ovation Heartwood Preserve. Handpick a floor plan that aligns with your preferences, spanning from studios to two-bedroom apartments. Our residences include the following:

  • Full kitchen with stainless steel appliances
  • Smart-home technology, including voice-activated lighting controls
  • Private balcony


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Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan Studio 608 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan Studio 642 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan Studio 832 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 1Bedroom 844 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 1Bedroom 823 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 1Bedroom 1,121sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 1Bedroom 875 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 2Bedroom 1,136 sq ft
Ovation Heartwood Preserve Living Floorplan 2Bedroom 1,099 sq ft
Ovation Sienna Hills Apartment Bedroom
Ovation Sienna Hills Exercise Equipment Room
Ovation Sienna Hills Barber and Beauty Salon
Ovation Sienna Hills Apartment Bedroom
Upscale Senior Living in Omaha, Nebraska

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Answers From Our Senior Living Community | Omaha, Nebraska

What is independent living?

Independent living is active senior living for older adults who want to and can maintain their independent lifestyle. These communities offer living spaces and facilities that encourage an autonomous and vibrant lifestyle.

Is Omaha a good place for seniors to live?

Yes, Omaha is considered a good place for seniors to live. With its affordable cost of living, diverse cultural attractions, numerous parks, and a range of healthcare services, Omaha provides a welcoming environment for older adults. The city offers various activities and amenities to cater to seniors’ interests and needs, making it an attractive option for those seeking a comfortable and fulfilling retirement experience.

Where can I find the best over 55 retirement communities in Omaha, Nebraska?

Ovation Heartwood Preserve stands out as a premier retirement community in Omaha. Our distinction lies in providing upscale amenities and superior services tailored to the needs of seniors.