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Easy Spring Cleaning Guide for Seniors

Spring is officially here and for many people, the start of the season signals the time to tackle the dust, mess, and clutter lingering in your house from the winter. Spring cleaning is especially important as you get older – clutter and disorganization in your house can lead to tripping hazards and unsafe conditions. If you’re ready to welcome the warmer months with fresh, clean home, here are some simple spring cleaning tips to get you started.

Check Your Detectors to Make Sure They Still Work Properly

With spring in full swing, it’s a good time to check your smoke alarms, fire extinguishers, and carbon monoxide detectors. Make sure your smoke alarm is still working and put in fresh batteries for your detectors. Check that your fire extinguisher is in an easy-to-access place and that it’s charged and ready for use. If you have a medical alert system, check those batteries as well.

Recruit Your Family and Friends to Help You

Cleaning can be a very daunting task for seniors, especially if you live alone. Ask your close friends or family to help you with the cleaning process. They may be able to handle tasks that are difficult for you, such as moving heavy furniture or cleaning those pesky hard-to-reach places. As a bonus, cleaning with others can be fun! You can share fond memories with each other, clean to the beat of your favorite songs, and provide some good food for everyone to munch on. Speaking of food…

Throw Away Expired Medications and Foods

Keeping expired medicine and food is not only dangerous for you (and your health), but it also takes up space that could be used to store something else. Go through all of the medicines you have on hand and properly dispose of any old prescriptions or products. Be sure to check with your city’s waste disposal department about proper medicine disposal.

As for food, it’s best to follow this simple rule: If it’s past the expiration date, toss it! Do not smell it, and definitely don’t taste it to see if it’s still good. Expired food loses its nutritional value quickly, and there is an added risk of food poisoning or other food-based illnesses like salmonella.

Try Starting From the Top, Then Work Towards the Bottom

Some people value efficiency in their cleaning and one way to be efficient is planning where to clean first. If you’re unsure of where to start, try the top. Starting from the ceiling and working downward forces debris down to lower levels, making it easier to wipe, dust and vacuum.

Protect Yourself from Allergies

Spring is also allergy season so if you suffer from allergies, take precautions to help ease your symptoms. Make sure to read the labels of your cleaning products before you purchase and use them. Protective clothing will help reduce the effect of dust and allergies. Consider rubber masks and gloves as starters. Some people even wear hairnets or hats while cleaning.

Find Maintenance-free Senior Living at Ovation Heartwood Preserve

While spring cleaning is an important task, it’s also a good time to look at your living situation and consider whether downsizing your home to an active, vibrant retirement community is best for you. At Ovation Heartwood Preserve, you can enjoy a maintenance-free, comfortable lifestyle in upscale senior living apartments, from one-bedroom studios to two-bedroom spacious independent living apartments. Contact us today to schedule a visit or for more information

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