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Female-Only Memory Care – Created with Safety in Mind

By Maxine Nunes, Brand Ave. Studios contributing writer

Meadowlark — a name that evokes the peaceful beauty of birdsong and countryside — is the exceptional memory care neighborhood, created exclusively for women, at Ovation Heartwood Preserve.
What you’ll find at Meadowlark, the first residence of its kind in Omaha, is an entirely new level of safety, combined with privacy, comfort, and activities that are specifically designed to enrich each woman’s daily life.

Feeling safer in an all-female community

Science has just begun to explore the differences between men and women in memory care, but some interesting facts have already emerged.
One study, for example, revealed that while women with dementia were often prone to anxiety and sadness, men tended to be agitated or even aggressive. That’s one reason women with memory impairment feel more comfortable and secure in an all-female community.
In addition, Meadowlark features 24-hour nursing as well as 24/7 on-site security and a smart technology emergency response system to further protect residents.

The importance of socializing with other women

Another study, monitoring brain chemistry, revealed how beneficial it was for women to socialize with other women — and among the most important parts of the program at Meadowlark are group activities where women can connect with each other.
Meadowlark also has an all-female staff so residents can feel more at ease.

Keeping women active and engaged

According to the Alzheimer’s Association, certain activities not only enrich the lives of memory care residents, they can also reduce such behaviors as wandering and distress.
The Meadowlark experience offers a range of these activities, designed to keep women engaged in everyday moments. Residents can participate in music, art, and tactile therapies, validation therapy focusing on feelings rather than facts, aromatherapy, gardening, pet visits, and more.

Safety plus the luxurious Ovation experience

At Meadowlark, each woman will enjoy her own private space surrounded by her keepsakes and personal belongings, as well as housekeeping, laundry and chef-prepared meals — in short, the ease and upscale lifestyle Ovation is known for.

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