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Bunnie Kizer

Bunnie Kizer first heard about Ovation Heartwood Preserve while she was living at a different retirement community. What prompted her to consider Ovation Heartwood Preserve? “I heard about a brand-new community with apartment homes and amenities, so my daughter and I went to snoop with no intention of actually moving. But once I saw the video, the floor plans, and the community renderings I decided to make the move that very same day − before I even left the presentation!”

Making changes at any age can be challenging, but that certainly did not stop Bunnie Kizer, age 91, from making the move to Ovation Heartwood Preserve. “I’ve always believed that if you’re looking to make a positive change in your life, don’t wait, just go ahead and make the change. It is usually a change for the better.”

“I had five sons with my first husband. When he passed and I remarried, my second husband had nine children. 14 children in one household! Maybe that’s why change is so easy for me.” Bunnie’s family is very important to her and she’s pleased she’ll be able to remain close to them at Ovation.

Bunnie’s upbeat, positive outlook on life is irresistibly catching. “I eat almost everything – things that are good for me and things that aren’t so good for me,” she says with a chuckle.

“I’m so excited about moving into my brand-new independent living apartment. I swim every day so I’m looking forward to the indoor, warm-water pool. When weather permits, I enjoy one-hour walks. Ovation Heartwood Preserve’s 80 acres with walking trails will give me plenty of walking opportunities.”

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