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How to Choose The Right Retirement Community

Close to family? Lots of activities? Easy access to medical care? How to choose a retirement community

Most of us have heard the saying — when it comes to choosing a place to live, it’s all about location, location, location. This is especially true for adults looking for a place to call home in their golden years.

Where’s your happy place?

As we age, it is crucial to our overall health to stay both physically and socially active. Living in a luxury retirement community creates opportunities to live life to its fullest into later adulthood. However, not all communities offer the same environment and amenities. For this reason it’s important to first establish what your vision of a happy place to live looks like.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How close to family and friends do you want to live? Do you want to be close enough for frequent meetups? Maybe you’re OK with distance as long as there are nearby attractions to enjoy when they visit.
  • What atmosphere do you prefer? Are you looking for an urban, suburban or rural area to spend your days?
  • What activities are you most interested in? Are there hobbies you want to be able to easily pursue?
  • What are your current medical needs? What might arise in the near future? How important to you is the proximity to your medical care team and facilities?

Once you have pondered these queries you’re ready to start researching and comparing retirement communities in your desired location.

Luxury living close to nature and city life

Ovation at Heartwood Preserve, located in West Omaha, offers an upscale urban setting for active adults to live, shop and play. Known as the Gateway to West Omaha and Omaha’s big new family room, the Heartwood Preserve, a 500-acre urban development, reimagines city life. Ovation’s luxury retirement community, nestled between Heartwood Preserve’s 80 acres of green space with ample parks and trails and the bustling downtown area filled with shops and restaurants, has something that will entertain any retiree.

Positioned in the eastern part of Nebraska near the Iowa border, Ovation is just a drive away for loved ones in neighboring cities and states. With museums showcasing Omaha’s rich pioneer history, several family-friendly attractions and many opportunities for outdoor recreation, the list of things to do when they visit is endless.

If healthcare is a top priority, there is easy access to a variety of healthcare facilities in the area such as the Nebraska Medicine and Omaha VA Medical Center, as well as specialty hospitals like Midwest Surgical Hospital and the OrthoNebraska Clinic. Not to mention Ovation’s assisted living and memory care living options.

Explore these and the countless other benefits of Ovation’s Omaha location by taking a virtual tour from the comfort of your couch or schedule a visit to our community today!

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