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The New Trend for Fine Dining in Senior Living

When most people think of dining options in a retirement community, images of a drab, monochrome hall with cafeteria-style meals come to mind. Thankfully, luxury retirement communities like Ovation are elevating dining experiences for retirees. From grabbing a quick bite in a lounge-style bistro to savoring barbecue at a rooftop bar to comfort food enjoyed in a relaxed atmosphere, residents can now experience delicious food on a daily basis. Here we take a look at how luxury retirement communities are taking dining options from dull to dynamic.

Changing tastes

Residents of luxury retirement communities often have refined palates. They may have traveled, sampling the cuisines of different countries. Or perhaps they’re used to fresh produce and high-quality meats from farmers markets. These folks won’t settle for microwaved frozen meals slopped onto a divided tray. They want flavors that tantalize their taste buds.

At Ovation, we recognize this shift in expectations and have an innovative approach to food for our residents. We hired executive chefs to ensure a varied menu in each of the 10 eateries within our community. Our chefs work tirelessly every day to create a memorable culinary experience for the people who live here.

It’s more than just food

Among the many benefits of living in a retirement community are the increased opportunities for social connection, something that is vital to the mental health of adults. One way to build strong relationships is to share a meal together. The environment at each of our restaurants and bistros at Ovation fosters conversation and connection. We understand that food is more than its nutritional value. It brings people together in a way that nothing else can.

For many people, food and mealtime evoke memories of loved ones gathering together. Our Heirloom program at Ovation allows our residents to share their family recipes with our chefs who turn them into flavorful events. Residents can also explore the history and culture of different cuisines from around the world through our Meal in the Life program.

Easy living

After a lifetime of hard work, you deserve to live each day like you’re on vacation. At Ovation, we help our residents do just that. In addition to our incredible dining options, we also offer concierge and valet services, a soothing indoor pool and spa tub, a state-of-the-art wellness center and many other amenities to ensure our residents enjoy an active, upscale lifestyle.

If you’re considering luxurious, maintenance-free living that includes exploring delectable seasonal fare made from local ingredients, then Ovation is the place for you. Take a virtual tour of our Omaha location or schedule an in-person visit today!

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